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BUILDING WONDER   • • •   "Wonder is the beginning of wisdom." - Socrates

Selma Class Offerings – January


Core Skills – Computer Lab 

Dedicated time to work independently on learner’s own math and/or language arts curriculum. Learners should bring their own device or other curriculum they are capable of working on independently for this class.


Independent Projects 

Learners may work in depth on individual projects. Learners must have a plan made in advance and all projects are subject to guide approval.


Gameschool – Cara

Learn through play with a variety of fun math and language-arts related games!


Zoology – Ms. Mel


Lego STEM – Ms. Tracy

Fun STEM style challenges using Legos!


PE – Ms Mel/Ms Megan


Metalworking (Age 9+) – Mr Rob


Cake Decorating  – Ms Megan


Music  – Ms Megan


Hand Sewing  – Ms Megan


Medieval History – Curiosity Chronicles – Mr. Adam


Novel Study (Language Arts) – Mr. Adam

We will pick a novel to read together and discuss the major themes found in the story.
Literacy required for this class.


Creative Writing (Language Arts – 5th+) – Cara

Have fun with writing! Learners will engage in a variety of writing exercises to develop creativity and confidence in writing.


Visual Art: Illustration Station – Ms Tracy

We will be looking at a different storybook illustrator each week, learning about the artist and their style of art, and then creating our own piece of artwork in that style!


Content Creation – Youtube – Mr Adam

Become a Youtuber! We will be creating various types of content for fun and educational Youtube videos. *Learners will not be seen in any videos.

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