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CompactSports Information

Created by – Leilani Standridge

Hello, my name is Leilani Standridge and I am a California Girl Scout and a Gold Award recipient. I created this sports page resource as a Gold Award project with Girl Scouts Central California South. After being homeschooled after a year of high school in public school, I realized the demand for extracurriculars, such as sports, for homeschoolers, and that drove me to create CompactSports. A single place where you can find the sports your looking for, making your search for athletic extracurriculars much easier. I believe that every homeschooler should have the opportunity to participate in sports and knowing where the options are in the community is a way to make it easier for everyone.

The Truth and Myth:
A common question many homeschooling families & and students have is if they can participate in public school sports. The answer always varies depending on who answers, and after doing some digging and research, I found that the only way to join public school sports is if you’re in a school, charter, or independent study, that follows and is part of the government’s education system. This means if you are not in a school like Eleanor Roosevelt, the only extracurriculars available are the ones based on what is offered locally in our communities.

Thank you
While this page only has some options for what is around in some cities and some cities only have 1 or 2 recommendations, always look around and see what’s being offered around you, many cool ideas pop up and you don’t want to miss them! I hope you find this page helpful. Even though it has only the recommended places people have mentioned, it should give you an idea of what is around you. Thank you for using this as a resource.

If you know another athletic type organization and want to share it with other homeschool families. Please email us the Location (City wise), A link/website, A short summary of what the sport is, and the age groups they provide service to. (It Must Have All of the Above to be placed on the website). Please send all the information to and label the email as CompactSports Organization Add-on.



Exeter’s City League Sports:
Has options for 3-year-olds all the way up to 16-year-olds. Sports ranging from basketball and volleyball to football and soccer, have different options for different age groups, however not every sport is for every age.

Exeter City Dance is a fun, clean, place for kids and teens ages 3-18 to dance with many options such as tumbling, ballet, lyrical, hip-hop and jazz to name a few. Sign-ups are at the beginning of August yearly.

Starting from the ages of 4 your child can participate in the Exeter little league baseball team that caters their sport to youth in Exeter, Farmersville, etc.

Exeter eels is a seasonal summer sport for kids who like to swim. Exeter eels is a great family-friendly extracurricular and cater to the ages 3 to 18 as long as they can swim across the pool without help.

Exeter Girls Waterpolo is an active competitive teen sport. This is a great year-round club if you like to travel and play water polo.



Woodlake City League Sports
Woodlake’s City league has sports options such as youth softball, baseball, basketball, and football.

They also have a summer swim team


Porterville City League Sports
Porterville’s city sports league has the options of Cross Country, Baseball, Track and Field, Volleyball, and Soccer.

This Soccer league is open to boys and girls ages 3-14 years old. According to them “Porterville Soccer League is the only youth recreational soccer league in Porterville tied to a competitive soccer club with opportunities to play year round.”



Visalia City League Sports
Visalia’s youth programs have leagues for both teens and kids. They have volleyball, football, basketball, and baseball.

Visalia SoftBall

This option is for kids that are 3 years old all the way to 18 years old.

This is a program for kids from the age of 7 all the way to teens in 8th grade.

Roller sports
Rollertowne offers Rollerhocky for Kids and Teens

Sova waterpolo is an option for Girls and Boys ages 8-18.

This is a year-round swim team in Visalia that is part of a much larger organization, as long as the participant can swim across the pool and is under 18 they can be part of this team.

Naz Sports
Naz sports has different options from soccer to cheer and flag football for children aged 3 years old all the way to 6 graders.

Phoenix Elite All-Stars
Competitive All-Star Cheerleading for ages 8-18
Beginning All-Star FUNdamentals for ages 4-14



City of Tulare offers soccer at certain seasons to those in grades 4th – 6th

Armory Athletics is a great option for conditioning and improving skills, for baseball. They service all ages and have a good facility setup.

Great choice for teens who like to swim year-round and like to keep the competition up.

Tulare youth soccer league provides soccer experiences to those between the ages of  4 and 18. Great opportunity for teens who enjoy playing soccer.

This waterpolo club is a member of USA waterpolo meaning, in order to participate in games the player must be enrolled and have USAWP ( USA water polo) silver or Gold membership.


Lemoore City’s League
The City of Lemoore has soccer, karate, boxing, basketball, and flag football as options for kindergarteners to teens for some options.

If transportation isn’t a problem Lemore has a high school where homeschoolers can be included with most of their extracurriculars if they sign up to the school in their satellite program.



Dinuba City sports offer baseball/softball, basketball, soccer, and even Zumba classes. They offer various options for kids and teens.




If volleyball is really something on your heart, and there are not a lot of very competitive options in the area VVA in Fresno is a great program for those in kindergarten all the way to 12th grade. If transportation and time aren’t a problem for you, this is a great choice.


Disclaimer: While Wild Hearts Adventure Co may have this page as a resource for homeschool families they do not oversee anything that goes on with the sports individually. Most of the sports options are cities/ town Leagues so they will update automatically based on if the sport is going on that season. If it’s not a City or town league and they are no longer continuing permanently, you can contact Wild Hearts Adventure Co and they will take that option off. (Please do not contact if the sports league is skipping the season or hasn’t updated their website yet.) Thank you.

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