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BUILDING WONDER   • • •   "Wonder is the beginning of wisdom." - Socrates

Axolotls and Pasta!

This week was so awesome! Having the whole group together really added to the community dynamic. The kids did more team-building challenges this week since our focus has been on strengthening our community bond. One of our team-building exercises doubled as an engineering STEM challenge of building the tallest, free-standing tower made entirely of spaghetti pasta and mini marshmallows. All the kids did an awesome job.. consuming only a minimal amount of their supplies. In the end, Ella, Sofia, and Adaley won the challenge, building the tallest tower by over 7 inches! Good job ladies!!

Our Pasta Tower Winners!!!

We have started getting more into the typical flow of the Wild Hearts day this week as well. Core skills time has so far consisted primarily of math, but get ready, because next week we are heading into Language Arts territory as well!! And the kids were given their first Mini Quest of creating and sharing a family history report! They are free to be as creative as they choose to be, and with this group, I know there will be some amazing presentations next week!

I have been so impressed with these kids! This group is just full of natural-born leaders! They are already taking charge of certain aspects of their class culture, such as voting and deciding on the class leadership system. They have chosen to run for class representative in teams, except Ella, who has decided to take on the responsibility of running all on her own. I cannot wait to see what these kids do! The campaign presentations will be held Monday, and every group seems to have their own strategy to convince the rest of the group that they are the best ones for the job.

Speaking of strategies! Congratulations to Morgan and Mati who won for Wednesday’s class representatives. Chase and Nick made a great, and extremely rational, case for themselves, but the girls still made it out in the lead 5 to 3.

Wednesday’s group determined our new class currency to be called “Lotls”. So instead of earning gems to spend at the Wild Hearts store at the end of the session, we will be earning Lotls! We also set our first XP Point goals this week! Some kiddos have already come close to reaching their goals! I’m so proud of the kids!!

I hope everyone had a really great weekend! See you all next week! :)

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