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We’ve Been Learning A Lotl !!

The last couple of weeks have been packed full of Axolotl activities! Between school picture days, field trips, family dinner night potlucks, and preparing for our Presentation Party and Talent Show coming up at the end of next month, it has been a pretty busy time for our Wild Hearts learners. Speaking of the Presentation Party, I am so excited for what these kids have in store for us. There are several actual books being written, and reports being prepared on everything from bones, to cats, to jets, and beyond! It is wonderful to see everyone being so passionate about their projects!

We have been doing a lot of other activities as well, science projects, social studies activities, and games.. We played The Unfair Game, which is a trivia game where the points are either positive or negative, and only revealed after the team has answered the question. It was not a huge hit. The kids found it to be kind of… well… unfair. So we opted for a more traditional trivia game, at which Kylie promptly kicked everyone’s butts. It really was quite impressive!

The daily ELA challenges have had some really awesome results. We’ve had stories about the fear of butterflies.. and more, bad days at school, letters to monkeys, rants about the hatred of paper and/or office buildings, and stories involving the word hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia, among other things.. We also did some Blackout Poetry with an artistic twist. The kids did an awesome job at this and ended up with a variety of poetry ranging from silly, to spooky, to profound.

But the all time favorite ELA activity was the Write Around they did just this last Wednesday. They all started their own story and then after approximately 3 minutes they had to stop and pass the page to the person on their left to continue the story. This went on until everyone had written some of each of the stories, and then read aloud by the original author. It was hysterical, and awesome. The kids loved it so much that we didn’t even do our end of the day game that day because they voted to write story after story until class was over! This is definitely going in the “To Be Repeated” pile of ELA activities.

Our very own Axolotl Band has been serenading us periodically for the past couple of weeks. I sure hope they decide to show off their skills at the talent show next month!

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