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BUILDING WONDER   • • •   "Wonder is the beginning of wisdom." - Socrates

River Rusher’s “Love Friendly Competitions”

River Rushers Pringle Ringle Challenge success! We had 2 groups complete the ring. Most kids found it more challenging then they anticipated. Practicing Newton’s third law of motion. I think they enjoyed eating the pringles the most.
Science is always the highlight for our group. This past week we were learning about human impact on the environment. They got to clean up their own oil spill. Of course we wouldn’t be the River Rusher’s if we didn’t add a friendly competition to the experiment, who could clean up the most oil out of the water.
For history we were learning about the importance of the after life to the Egyptians. So we mummified apples (preserve) by using 3 different methods. One we used just salt, one with apple cider vinegar, one with both salt and baking soda.

To end the class they each spelled out their name in Egyptian hieroglyphics.
There is always room for a little Apples to Apples at the park.
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