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BUILDING WONDER   • • •   "Wonder is the beginning of wisdom." - Socrates


Charter Flex Class Offerings – October


Core Skills – Computer Lab 

Dedicated time to work independently on learner’s own math and/or language arts curriculum. Learners should bring their own device or other curriculum they are capable of working on independently for this class.


Independent Projects – Various locations

Learners may work in depth on individual projects. Learners must have a plan made in advance and all projects are subject to guide approval.


Terraforming (Learner-led) – Outdoor Playground

Explore the process of changing the Earth to achieve different effects! Create a waterway, establish plots of land for different purposes, and maybe even make a topographical map of your own terrain creation!


Learner-led Outdoor Education

Learners are free to explore nature and engage in outdoor play.


Fiber Arts/Sewing – Ms Thu

TK-2nd grade: Using different kinds of fibers, young learners can create unique abstract art .

3rd grade and up: We will be learning how to make a quilt square pattern. Learners can bring any sewing projects from home to work on during class. A good first project for sewing is mending clothes or embellishing something you already own.


Pumpkin Shenanigans (Science) – Ms Callie

This class will be all about pumpkins. 

TK-2nd: In this class we will learn about the parts and life cycle of a pumpkin. Participate in a fun pumpkin STEM challenge and a pumpkin pie rating. 

3rd grade and up: In this class we will make a pumpkin catapult, participate in a pumpkin tower STEM challenge and compare and contrast pumpkin pies.

Let’s have fun with pumpkins!


“Future You” Art Quest – Ms Karen

In this quest you will choose (and can design!) art challenges to complete in class (and at home if you desire)! The goal is to explore materials, work on self-direction and make future YOU proud! No art experience necessary. Come play with creativity!


Multimedia Art and Story Time – Ms Kattie

Awesome books and activities! Some examples include: sketching, coloring, watercolors, collage, jewelry making, and always a fun story to discuss!


Science – Ms Kattie

Various science and STEM projects.


Creative Writing (Language Arts) – Mr. Rob

Have fun with writing! Learners will engage in a variety of writing exercises to develop creativity and confidence in writing.


Woodworking – Mr Rob

Learn how to use hand tools to make projects ranging from functional to just plain fun! This month we will be continuing our Compass project and will end the month by making a functional medieval shield called a Buckler. 


Medieval History Quest – 3rd+ only – Ms Karen

Welcome to the Middle Ages! We will be exploring places around the world during the time period of 500-1500 CE in this learning quest! You will have the opportunity to complete challenges (and earn badges) with arts, crafts, foods, and learner led projects that are accompanied by audio episodes of “The Curiosity Chronicles.”


History – TK-2nd – Ms Thu

Middle Ages Story and Craft time


Weaving – 3rd+ – Ms Thu

Learn the basics of weaving using a simple cardboard loom.

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